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Transducer Class® Strain Gages


Micro-Measurements is the leading manufacturer of Transducer Class® strain gages, designed for high volume OEM transducer applications. Transducer Class Strain gages — and related products — are manufactured with our Advanced Sensors technology and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure maximum performance at a minimal price point. This select group of gage patterns reduces lead time and  improves performance.  

Advanced Sensors Technology to Improve Performance

  • Manufactured specifically for  high volume OEM applications using innovative state-of-the-art technology
  • Available in a variety of high resistance patterns — Linear, Shear, T-Patterns, and Full-Bridge configurations — with up to 10K ohm resistance values.
  • Exceptional gage-to-gage and grid-to-grid matching delivers more uniform gage performance with temperature changes
  • Tighter resistance tolerances – down to +/-0.1% even in high resistance gage patterns – facilitates simpler balance of the Wheatstone bridge circuitry
  • Gold plated solder tabs (on Karma foil patterns) and Epoxy Encapsulation ensures active grid protection

Transducer Class® Strain Gages

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