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Model 3010M14 Reference Accelerometer


The Dytran model 3010M14 is a primary transfer standard accelerometer, and is designed to transfer standard vibration calibration data from standards organization such as NIST, to back–to–back calibration accelerometers such as Dytran series 3120 and 3123, which are then used to calibrate other accelerometers.

Back–to–back (reference) accelerometers offer a convenient means of determining the sensitivity and frequency response characteristics of unknown acceleration, velocity and displacement sensors. A vibration laboratory already equipped with an electrodynamic shaker and control system can easily incorporate use of the model 3010M14 to accomplish in–house NIST traceable calibrations, Model 3010M14 is available with a 10 mV/g sensitivity, 10–32 tapped hole for mounting, and 10–32 axial connector.

Model 3010M14 Reference Accelerometer