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Model 1022V IEPE Force Sensor


The Dytran model 1022V is a miniature lightweight IEPE force sensor designed to offer low mass dynamic measurement capabilities within Dytran’s smallest and most lightweight package. Measuring just 0.49 inches (12.4 millimeters) tall and weighing just 4.5 grams (less cable), the Dytran model 1022V offers precision force measurement capabilities of up to 50 lbf, with a 100 mV/lbf sensitivity and an unloaded 50 kHz natural frequency. As an IEPE sensor, the model 1022V features built–in electronics, eliminating the need for an external charge amplifier and converter.

Design of the model 1022V features a quartz sensing element, operating in compression mode and packaged in a lightweight titanium housing with an integral 5–foot coaxial cable terminating to a 10–32 coaxial connector. A series of 10–32 tapped holes, located at both the top and bottom of the sensor housing, are designed to facilitate mounting of the sensor in threaded holes on the driving rods and test specimen.

  • Titanium
  • Miniature
  • IEPE
  • Modal and structural analysis
  • Process control
  • General purpose dynamic force measurements where mass loading is a concern or where vertical space requirements may be limited

Model 1022V IEPE Force Sensor

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