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Custom Strain Gages and Hybrid Sensors


Micro-Measurements maintains an extensive catalogue of high performance strain gages and sensors. But from time-to-time, unique applications require tailored solutions. We can customize high performance gages tailored for your unique specifications. Whatever your specification needs are, our team of experts are committed to providing solutions for your specific application. 


Typical requests include:

  • unusual pattern geometries
  • special trim dimensions
  • non-standard lead wire materials or length


Building high performance customized gages requires careful attention to detail. From initial conversations about product goals to the final delivery of your customized gage, our team of experts will work closely with you. We use our years of successful manufacturing experience to walk you through the process of selecting the appropriate backing, foil, S-T-C, gage length, pattern, resistance and resistance tolerance, operating temperature range, test duration, maximum strain, cyclic endurance, leads, encapsulation, and trim for your product.


 Ready to start building a custom gage?

Building Tailored Solutions for Unique Needs

Why Choose A Hybrid Flex Sensor?

These miniature, lightweight hybrid sensors are an ideal solution for measuring force, displacement, pressure or acceleration. Available in standard or custom designs.

Key Benefits:

  • Achieve consistent performance characteristics at an economical price
  • Eliminate strain gage adhesive bonding
  • Increase productivity of assembly operations

Key Applications:

  • Ideal for high-volume OEM requirements
  • Consumer: appliances, sporting equipment, hand tools, lawn and garden equipment, universities, educational research
  • Process Control: HVAC, liquid-level, motor-control, and vibration monitoring
  • Automotive: passenger weighing, foot-pedal pressure, seatbelt tension, emergency-brake application, suspension control, and engine monitoring
  • Medical: pumps, respirators, and personal medical devices
  • Industrial: elevators, tank monitoring, bearing insertion, safety systems, gas and liquid cylinder pressure, and load monitoring

Custom Strain Gages and Hybrid Sensors

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