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3AXX 3-Axis Force Load Cell


Our 3AXX- 3-axis force load cell measures forces simultaneously in 3 mutually perpendicular axes: X, Y, and Z – tension and compression. Each axis provides a full bridge output and requires no mathematical manipulation. The 3-axis load cell is built to minimize eccentric loading effects and crosstalk between channels.

This 3-axis load cell is ideally suited to many industrial and scientific applications, such as aerospace, robotics, automotive and medical research (orthopedics and biomechanical).

The load cell is provided in various capacity ranges and sizes with each of the three axes providing the same capacity.

Models 3A60A, 3A120, 3A160, 3A300, and 3A400 are available.

  • 3-Axis – Fx, Fy, Fz; independent bridges
  • 10N to 500 kN force range
  • Compact size
  • Low crosstalk
  • mV/V output
  • Temperature compensated

3AXX 3-Axis Force Load Cell