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3027 series Reference Accelerometer


The Dytran series 3027 is a double ended IEPE reference (comparison) accelerometer, offering a convenient means of determining the sensitivity and frequency response characteristics of unknown acceleration, velocity, and displacement sensors. A vibration laboratory already equipped with an electrodynamic shaker and control system can easily incorporate use of the series 3027 to accomplish in–house NIST traceable calibrations. Series 3027 offers 10 to 100 mV/g sensitivity, and mounts to a shaker head via a 10–32 tapped hole.

This series includes a TEDs model. Back–to–back comparisons with a double ended calibration standard accelerometer, available within this series, entails mounting the test accelerometer directly to the top mounting surface of the calibration standard and driving the coupled pair with an electrodynamic shaker system at various frequencies and amplitudes. At each test frequency, the amplitude is set and the corresponding output read from the test accelerometer. To form a complete measurement system, the user will need to supply the cables, power supply unit and electrodynamic shaker system. The series 3027 should be used for low frequency, low g level measurements.

  • Titanium
  • Back to back standard accelerometer
  • TEDS model available
  • IEPE
  • Back–to–back accelerometer calibration
  • Low frequency, low g level measurements
  • NIST traceable calibrations (when used with appropriate electrodynamic shaker, power supply and control system)

3027 series Reference Accelerometer