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Force testing is a way of determining how an object will react when it is subjected to tensile or compressive loads – either during its normal operation or when being pulled/pushed until it deliberately fails or breaks.

These forces can be classified as tension, compression, flexure, shear and fracture. When delivered suddenly at ultra-high speed this is known broadly as ‘dynamic’ loading. It is typically used for cyclic-fatigue or creep testing to determine the life-cycle of materials or components. However, it is much more common to measure the mechanical strength of an object by applying a load at a constant rate or varying it slowly—this is known as ‘static’ or ‘monotonic’ loading.


Mecmesin specializes in test equipment for ‘static’ force measurement.

Static force measurement is increasingly used by manufacturers as a quality-control method to comply with industry standards. It ensures the proper functioning of components and serves to record their safety and fitness for purpose.

It can even help to determine the root cause of a wide variety of defects, which can then be addressed in the production process to reduce costs and improve yields.