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Pre-Engineered Test Chambers – Temperature and Humidity Chambers
The G-Series Elite Line of Portable Test Chambers Stock to 4 Week Deliveries with over 100 Models!

Russells G-Series Elite Chambers include the features and accessories you need to keep your temperature and humidity tests running smoothly. These mobile systems are equipped with all the features you need from the start. There are no extra hidden costs for these features like you would find from other vendors. These features include microprocessor instrumentation, failsafe temperature protection, and humidity water demineralizer, as well as window, gauges, port, casters, system status indicators, and more. These Elite features would normally cost substantiallly more, if they are available at all. Our Elite test chambers are even more attractive when you view their designed-in performance advantages including:

  • More heating, cooling and air flow capacity than competitive models bring you to temperature quickly and with better uniformity
  • Responsive expansion valve and bypass refrigerant control put all of the refrigeration horsepower to work for you
  • Maintenance is simplified with full three sided access to base mounted system components
  • All models available with cryogenic cooling
  • CE Certification on most Elite Models