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Mecmesin – Solutions for results you can trust

Since 1977 Mecmesin has been designing reliable force, materials and torque testing solutions for quality control, so our customers around the world can achieve consistent and accurate test results, every time.

Operating under strict ISO 9001 quality standards Mecmesin products are used to guarantee the quality of components, materials and finished products for an extensive range of test applications across all industries.

From the production line to the factory floor, through to QA and R&D Laboratories our customers rely on Mecmesin products to ensure:

  • product quality
  • cost savings
  • optimised design
  • optimum performance
  • efficient production
  • minimum wastage
  • conformance to standards

Mecmesin provide high quality testing solutions, that deliver outstanding performance and longevity, as well as an affordable alternative to many higher priced systems on the market.

This enables businesses, small and large, to perform quality checks on their components, materials and products, without compromising on precision or accuracy.