Companies Represented


TECAT Performance – The smallest, lightweight, most power efficient, wireless measurement system for torque, strain, acceleration & temperature.



Strainsert – Load cells, load sensing bolts, studs & links. Clevis pin load cells.


Russells Technical Products – Temperature cycling and temperature/humidity test chambers, AGREE & Environmental Stress Screening chambers, walk-in & burn-in chambers, remote conditioning modules, thermal shock & altitude chambers.


RDP Electrosense – LVDT and DCDT displacement transducers, signal conditioning and data acquisition systems.


Optical Measurement Systems – Your partner for non-contact vibration measurement instrumentation and engineering services.


M=MMicro-Measurements – The world’s leading manufacturer of strain gages, instrumentation and accessories.


micro-epsilonMicro-Epsilon – Designs and manufactures high-precision sensors,   instruments and systems for displacement, position, dimension and temperature measurement.


Mecmesin – Tensile testing / tension testing, compression testing and torque testing machines.  Fixtures, grips and complete software solutions.


LDSLing Dynamic Systems (LDS) – Complete electrodynamic vibration test systems, sine & random control systems & associated instrumentation, slip tables & head expanders, accelerometer calibration systems.

InterfaceForceLoadCells Interface – The world’s leading load cell producer and load cell calibration expert.


HITECLogo HITEC Sensor Solutions – Custom sensor applications, OEM Transducer installations, Transducer Design & Prototyping, Field and in-house Engineering Consulting and Applications.


dytran Dytran Instruments – Piezoelectric sensors for dynamic measurements: accelerometers, modal hammers, force, pressure, signal conditioning.


DEWESoft – Portable, Rugged & Laboratory Based High PerformanceDEWESoft Logo Data Acquisition Systems. Awesome software!


Badger Meter – Mechanical & Electronic Flow MetersBadger Meter Logo Horizontal_informal